What is “Hina-matsuri (the Dolls Festival)”?  Let’s think about it more!


Hello! Everyone!

We have chilly wind every day.

Do you not hung out?

It past 2 month that 2017 begun.

We will have the Valentine’s Day!

February and March have 2 days for girls.

Today, I am going to talk about “Hina matsuri” that is called “the Dolls Festival” in English.

Actually, it is held in March, so it is a little bit earlier.

“The Dolls Festival” has wishes “Girls grow up well. And a lot of happiness comes over to the girls.”

Do you know anything else about Dolls Festival?

After you read this article, you will understand

☆When did “the Dolls Festival” started?
☆Why it is called “the Peach Festival”?
☆What will we do?

These 3 things. Please read it carefully!

When did “the Dolls Festival” start?

heian era

Firstly, answer about “when”. The beginning of “the Dolls Festival” is not found exactly.

But, there are some stories which was started in HEIAN era.

It begun on 794, so “the Dolls Festival” might be started 1222 years ago!

At first, it was not same as your images of “the Dolls Festival”.

They did not put the dolls, but they made dolls by paper and threw them into a river.

After a while, girls played with the dolls.

The playing changes, then, the dolls are displayed like now!


Why is it called “The Peach Festival”?

Peach Blossom

“The Peach Festival” is a part of 5 days in a year.

The days were taught by China.

Chinese calendar has 5 days that they celebrate. January 7th, March 3rd, May 5th, July, 7th and September 9th.

They have some events on these 5 days to put away bad things.

March 3rd is “the Dolls Festival”, Chinese call it “the Peach Festival”.

They believe peach has a power to protect from bad things.

After these 5 days were tolled Japan, they were changed Japanese style.

Today, we know “the Dolls Festival”, but it was changed a little than original one.

At first, they just remove bad things to the dolls made by paper.

However, in EDO era, March 3rd was decided the day for girls!

From that day, Japanese display the dolls, and decollate with peach blossoms and Hishi Mochi around the dolls.


What will we do on that day?

On “the Dolls Festival”, we do “Nagashi Hina”.

We throw the dolls made by paper in a river. When we say good bye, we remove bad things, which are in your minds and will came to you, to the dolls.

Then, there are not bad things to you and you can grow healthy in the year!

Also, girls play with the dolls.

If they do it, the dolls get bad things instead of you!

It is the same meaning as throwing the dolls into a river.

Firstly, Japanese just threw the dolls into a river, but they enjoyed displaying them gradually.

To celebrate girls, “the Dolls Festival” was changed gorgeous as you know.


Why do not say “thank you!” to the Dolls?

hina dolls

Did you learn about “the Dolls Festival” a lot?

This festival has 2 wishes “please grow healthy, and come a lot of happiness to them” from your dad, mom, grandfather, and grandmother.

I did not know about the dolls are heroes which protect from villains.

If you have the dolls, why do not you say “thank you!” to them!